How is broadband affecting the daily life of Americans?

The Internet has revolutionized communications, positioning itself as the Americans’ preferred medium of everyday communication. Actually, many Americans use the Internet as a tool for conducting their everyday activities such as checking the weather, doing their banking, buying things, or sharing information over instant messaging. Due to this, high-speed internet is now demanded as an enabler for jobs generation, connectivity in healthcare, education, and even for the economy of large and small businesses.


What is causing a lag of internet adoption in rural areas?

While many Americans are provided with high- speed internet access, a huge portion in rural areas have several issues regarding this topic. Traditional telecommunication companies have not developed the infrastructure required in rural areas for internet speeds that can keep pace with the modern internet, what is a big issue for the country considering that the rural U.S. covers 72 percent of the land area.


How is the U.S Government promoting Broadband adoption??

Since 2009, U.S. government formally began a process to improve Internet access in all the territory, by subsidizing broadband instead of POTS in high cost areas under a program named BroadbandUSA. The initiative has been driven by the needs and interests of state and local broadband leaders looking to boost the economy by adding new participants to the market, including here utility companies.