What are the main objectives of Smart Grids?

The Smart Grid movement consists of modernizing electric power networks with the aim of reducing environmental impact, increasing service reliability, and transforming the energy market through the promotion of more active consumer participation.


How are Smart Grids transforming commercial and operational processes for electric utilities?

Through the use of AMI, demand response programs and distributed energy resources, utilities are improving network stability and performance while also providing cutting-edge services to their customers. In this way, Smart Grids are providing an enhanced customer experience through a more innovative, reliable, and efficient service.


What does Open Smartflex offer to electric power companies that operate Smart Grids?

Open Smartflex simplifies the management of modern electricity networks, the analysis of consumption patterns, the invoicing of next-generation services, and the empowerment of end users. Additionally, it facilitates the integration of prosumers into the electricity sector and allows companies to quickly adapt to changing regulations.