Why is a CIS platform, with extended capabilities, essential to enhance Customer Experience?

What Customer Experience means today has changed drastically from the archaic: please hold on the line approach. The writing on the wall is clear, customers are interested in having 360-degree control over their utility services regardless of the channel they choose to use, and they want it at their fingertips.


What constitutes a Modern CIS? 

Instead of having to integrate multiple systems to enable new customer expectations within your legacy solution, a modern CIS consolidates all these systems into one, including an extended functional scope to empower Customer Experience (CX) processes through digital tools in every domain of operation.


Does your current CIS allow for a seamless user experience with easy
access to all of the critical data you need?

At Open International we understand that converting your legacy CIS into a solution that meets growing customer needs can be complex, so our goal is to simplify and unify the experience for both the service provider and the customer.