What is CX?

Customer experience, also known as CX, is the customer’s perceptions and feelings caused by the single and cumulative interactions with a company. Additionally, CX must be proactive, going beyond customer satisfaction and seeking customers’ delight in every step of their lifecycle.


What are the main benefits for a company that offers an excellent CX?

CX provides a wide variety of benefits for service providers. Some of them include customer retention, brand promotion, customer attraction, higher employee morale and differentiation among competitors.


How are companies affected by offering a poor CX?

By lacking a customer-centric strategy, leaders may put their entire company in danger and risk losing millions of dollars in revenues. Therefore, companies in highly competitive markets, must innovate and implement a truly effective CX that allows them to prevail and outdone their competitors. Additionally, offering an excellent CX, allows companies to dazzle current customers, attract new ones and convert them all into promoters.