Join us at CS Week and discover Smartflex, the solution that transforms complexity into simplicity! Are you tired of navigating intricate systems? 

Smartflex revolutionizes your utility with cutting-edge technology, making workflows seamless and efficient. Our comprehensive solution, built on a single platform, ensures cohesion and eliminates the hassle of managing multiple systems

Smartflex encompasses four systems: CIS, MDM, CSS, and MWM, providing robust functionality and flexibility to meet your specific needs using Generative AI and Digital Adoption tools. Harness the power of real-time data without integration complexities. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to streamlined operations. 

We empower our customers to succeed!

With Smartflex we have been able to automate and optimize our processes, making it easier for us to make decisions that drive the growth of the company. Open Smartflex has also helped us manage new lines of business, such as non-bank financing.

Gartner Peer Insights - Customer Information Systems 600k Natural Gas Utility