Thus far, utilities have been implementing a wide set of customer engagement applications to support specific business processes to deliver a superior Customer Experience (CX). Although they might be able to temporarily put out the fire created by increasingly challenging customer expectations, system integration complexities and a consequential subpar CX have led them to look in another direction.

Instead, they are now looking to support their operation with an IT landscape that enables a seamless CX. To do so, they rely on AI-driven systems of connectivity used to orchestrate core processes across systems of record and systems of engagement. In practical terms, this end-to-end approach will allow utilities to use key customer information to anticipate risks and generate omnichannel next-best actions to wow customers at every interaction.

Find in this e-book:

  • Utilities’ challenges that create the need for an upgraded IT landscape. 
  • Systems of record, systems of connectivity, and systems of engagement: Utilities’ IT Iceberg. 
  • A modern solution that helps utilities see the iceberg from miles away. 
  • The cognitive platform for elite utilities.