What offerings should utilities consider to maximize cloud benefits?

The cloud enables a diverse set of services for infrastructure, platform, and software, which can be deployed in public, private, and hybrid clouds. Before navigating through the possibilities, utilities need to identify the pain points that can be solved with cloud services. From there, they can assess whichbest suits their needs. Based on Open’s expertise, utilities should focus on hosted solutions and single-tenant Software as a Service to boost innovation, keep control of the software, and get a higher return on the investment.


What are the key points to consider before moving forward with the cloud?

Although cloud services provide utilities with multiple benefits in the IT area, utilities should take into account other aspects that might affect the business, such as the possibility of adapting the system to particular business needs, having control over upgrades, and supporting changes to regulatory accounting rules.


Why should utilities choose Open Smartflex to start their journey to the cloud?

Open Smartflex is a holistic, ready-to-go solution, designed for the cloud. It can be deployed on-premise or in any cloud, either public or private, to solve the same business problems without further cloud-to-ground integrations. In addition, utilities can run their business smoothly with a lower TCO, leveraged by Open Smartflex Cloud Services.

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