What is Smartflex CIS?

At its core, Smartflex is a Customer Information System (CIS) capable of managing an extensive set of mission-critical functions: Customer Relationships, Meter Data Management, Mobile Workforce, Network, and Analytics, with the highest level of flexibility. These capabilities are continuously upgraded by features to help utilities reduce the cost and complications of the traditional “major upgrade” processes. With a unified systems approach, it is possible to implement the solution in shorter timeframes, simplify operations, adopt regulatory changes, and introduce new products and services faster.


With Smartflex CIS your company will be able to:

Lead digital disruption and delight customers with outstanding service. It supports emerging business models and creates new revenue streams at the breakneck speed necessary to excel in the new digital world.


What makes us different?

As a holistic CIS solution, Smartflex covers the most important functional domains and provides an extensive set of ready-to-go industry practices to drive improved business performance across mission-critical business processes. Moreover, its enabling architecture and foundational tools, allow utilities to add new capabilities based on new business needs and challenges, extending functionality and maintaining the holistic vision as compared to requiring burdensome integration to external systems.

This approach arms companies with a significant competitive advantage to embrace digital transformation with a lower cost of ownership and at lower risk.